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Airport Expansion

Faster and lighter.

Our pre-production phase was unusually longer for this TV commercial project. This was an elaborated TV commercial.. We did a longer scouting and coordination with airport security personnel,, VFX Supervisor, the crew and the agency.

First rehearsal

Another challenge for this video production project was the airport security. We had to move faster and lighter. Every set up was under security surveillance and had a lot of restrictions. For security reasons we were able to use only a small crew and amount of equipment. At the beginning it was a little bit unpleasant, but by the third shot we felt very confortable and it gave us a great dynamic to work better and faster. Airport security was the key word for this production.

Green is the color.

Our VFX Supervisor’s vision (Abel Verdesoto) helped us to achieve this ambitious production. We wanted to create a growing architectural effect to combine this elegant and tricky conception mixing live shooting with visual effects.

Creating the future work was not easy but a great mix between client, agency, architecture firm, and our crew, which gave us the final visualization and the capacity to produce our creative vision. It was really important to achieve our vision. At the end, the final completed product satisfied the client needs and helped to set the main marketing milestones.

3D Breakdown

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