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From script to screen One of the biggest challenges for this project was one straight direction from our client: "do not use actors, use local people and locations". This gave us the opportunity to produce this video commercial in a complete different way and explore this great collaboration between local people and our crew.

Daular is a small community, located 45 minutes away from Guayaquil, the biggest city of Ecuador, where the biggest airport in Latin America is going to be built by the year 2024.

One of the main advantages during the production was the logistics, because the urban structure of this small town gave us the opportunity to move very fast in a 4 blocks area, for more than 10 locations, almost like it was a film set.

It was a busy day, full of great moments from sunrise to sunset. The energy in this TV commercial was endless. Everything helped us to improve the production: the weather, the people, and the inevitably happy accidents... The film production universe was with us on this one... It was a challenging production and we did it thanks to the talent, crew, and collaborators.

Pixels inMotion We worked a lot with the art department in the pre-production, trying to unify the production and post-production teams with the same vision, aligning every detail with the production feeling.

At the end, our vision gave us the opportunity to show this macro project to the community in Guayaquil, contributing to its future.

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