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Green light

After a long development and approval of this script, we were finally authorized to start our production. This was an interesting production with several challenges. Our Executive Producer (Rocío Espinoza) was in charge of coordinating this complex project. At the pre-production phase we started to work in two different cities, which demanded more coordination and a lot of things to produce.

We divided the production by cities. The plan for the first city was to shoot the first three scenes in one day in different locations. During pre-production phase we knew what kind of look we were looking for, so our best option was to use an organic/warmer lens, so we chose the Zeiss CP2 (Arri).

Glam lab

For the second part of this production we had to combine two different shots to make a transition from one scene to another. We had to be very careful because we didn't want it to look too fake. After several failures we had our final shot.

One of the most elaborated shots was the laboratory scene. Our Director of Photography (Juan S. Guerrero) and Art Director (Natalia Mato) did a beautiful job creating the right ambiance and light for this kind of shots even with some client's restrictions.

We were careful with our client’s request to avoid showing too much of the equipment for security reasons. So we had to focus our attention on our characters and show the backgrounds out of focus. To work with our restrictions and to maximize our quality, we switched to Ultra prime lenses, which simply blew away our expectations.

This project was part of a national campaign to promote the Ecuadorian Standardization Service (INEN). And at the end, this production gave us great satisfaction.

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